XR update

At present XR have Westminster, Whitehall and Trafalgar Square closed. This is having an impact on all roads in the local area, especially The Strand. This protest will be taking place for two weeks, updates will be sent as and when the situation changes.

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XR protest update

Extinction Rebellion currently have the main roads into Westminster blocked. Police in attendance.

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BBC News: Extinction Rebellion protests: UK arrests as global demonstrations begin

Extinction Rebellion protests: UK arrests as global demonstrations begin
_109128150_564b8eaf-46d2-42ae-9890-12db2aac9cba.jpgEnvironmental activists plan to shut down key sites in central London as part of global protests.

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New technology to detect knives in public places

New technology designed to spot hidden weapons is being used by police officers in London for the first time this week.

A Home Office funded trial will take place in Stratford station, East London, as part of the government’s continued drive to crack down on knife crime.

The specialised technology, made by British company Thruvision, can safely detect weapons including guns, knives and explosive devices concealed under clothing at distances of up to 30 feet.

It works by revealing objects concealed in clothing that block a person’s body heat.

By using training and experience police officers will be able to identify objects that could be used as a weapon, without needing physical searches.

The technology is already used on the Los Angeles Metro.

The initial 5 day trial will be run by British Transport Police, with support from the Metropolitan Police.

Minister for Crime, Policing and Fire, Kit Malthouse, said:

We are pulling out all the stops in a battle against knife crime, in London and across the country. 20,000 more police officers will help but new technology can make an enormous impact on public safety, as this equipment shows.

No one should feel they can walk the streets with a knife and expect to get away with it.

ACC Robin Smith from British Transport Police, said:

Fortunately, knife crime on the rail network is very low, however we recognise the important role our force plays in identifying those intent on carrying lethal weapons to commit atrocious crimes.

In support of the Home Office and other police forces, we are keen to explore how technology can assist us in tackling violent crime head on. We are pleased to partner with them in trialing the Thruvision technology at Stratford station.

Transport Security Minister, Baroness Vere, said:

Improving safety at stations is paramount to ensuring that everyone can use our railways with confidence, and technology should be at the forefront of that mission. This innovative trial is part of this government’s wider crackdown on knife crime.

Siwan Hayward, Director of Compliance and Policing at Transport for London, said:

London’s transport network is a safe, low crime environment and we are committed to working with the police to ensure it stays that way. We want to stop anyone bringing a knife or a weapon onto London’s public transport. This technology trial will help the police best achieve our aim. It is never acceptable to carry a weapon and we fully support the work of the police to crack down on knife crime.

The trial will look at how officers can use technology to detect if an individual is carrying a knife without causing any personal disruption, such as stopping the individual or requiring them to empty their pockets.

It will enable the Home Office, British Transport Police and the Metropolitan Police to consider whether such technologies can play a significant role in efforts to combat knife crime.

The technology enables police officers to see the size, shape and location of any concealed item.

It does not show any intimate body parts and it is impossible to tell an individual’s gender, age or ethnicity from the imagery it produces.

The Home Office’s Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) is providing approximately £40,000 to deliver the trial and will continue to explore other technologies through collaborating with other government departments and industry.

Today’s announcement follows the recent launch of a national campaign to recruit 20,000 new police officers – the biggest police recruitment drive in decades.

The Chancellor also announced funding to support the recruitment of a first wave of up to 6,000 additional officers by the end of March 2021, who will be shared among the 43 forces in England and Wales.

This includes £750 million for 2020 to 2021 and £45 million this year to kick-start recruitment.

Additionally, the Home Office have made it simpler for police to use stop and search as they work to tackle violent crime – a move that has been welcomed by police chiefs across the country, as well as the families of knife crime victims.

Meanwhile, police funding is increasing by more than £1 billion this year, including money raised from council tax and to tackle serious violence.

The information above was sourced from the UK Gov website


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World Car Free Day – 22/09/2019

Please see below about a new event taking place on Sunday 22nd September 2019.

“Reimagine is a new event to celebrate World Car Free Day on Sunday 22 September 2019. London’s biggest celebrations will take place on more than 20 kilometres of closed roads around Tower Bridge, London Bridge and the City of London”.

The event will be taking place between 07:00 – 19:00.

Multiple road closures will be in place for this event, these are detailed within the images below.

Underneath the images is a long list of 204 roads that will be closed in London.

Transport for London will also be offering free 24 hours access to Santander bicycles using the following code – CarFreeDay2019

The following roads will be closed from 0700 hours until 1900 hours on Sunday 22nd September 2019
In the City of London
Mansion House Street
Princes Street
Threadneedle Street
King William Street
Leadenhall Street
Fenchurch Street
Aldgate High Street
Moorgate between Lothbury and London Wall
Gresham Street
New Change
Ludgate Hill
St. Paul’s Churchyard
Cannon Street
Queen Victoria Street
Blackfriars Passage
Puddle Dock
Castle Baynard Street
Lambeth Hill
Distaff Lane
Bread Street
Friday Street
Godliman Street
Carter Lane
Dean’s Court
Knightrider Street
Addle Hill
Creed Lane
Ludgate Square
Pilgrim Street
Ludgate Broadway
Pageantmaster Court
Blackfriars Lane
Playhouse Yard
St. Andrew’s Hill
Limeburner Lane
St George’s Court
Old Bailey
Warwick Lane
Ave Maria Lane
Amen Court
Foster Lane
Noble Street
Oat Lane
Stain Lane
Carey Lane
Gutter Lane
Wood Street between Cheapside and Love Lane
Love Lane
Aldermanbury Square
Basinghall Avenue
Basinghall Street
Coleman Street
King’s Arms Yard
Milk Street
Russia Row
King Street
Old Jewry
Fredrick’s Place
Watling Street
Queen Street
Pancras Lane
Little Trinity Lane
Great Trinity Lane
Garlick Hill
Skinner Lane
College Street
College Hill
Great St Thomas Apostle
Cloak Lane
Dowgate Hill
Bush Lane
Gophir Lane
Suffolk Lane
Laurence Pountney Hill
Martin Lane
Arthur Street
Nicholas Lane
Abchurch Lane
Sherborne Lane
St Swithin’s Lane
Clements Lane
Plough Court
Lombard Street
Birchin Lane
George Yard
Bell Inn Yard
Finch Lane
Bartholomew Lane
Throgmorton Street
Old Broad Street between Threadneedle Street and London Wall/Wormwood Street
Union Court
Great Winchester Street
Austin Friars
Throgmorton Avenue
Copthall Avenue
Telegraph Street
Morgate Place
Great Swan Alley
Angel Court
Monument Street
Fish St Hill
Pudding Lane
Botolph Lane
Lovat Lane
St Mary at Hill
St Dunstan’s Lane
Idol Lane
Harp Lane
Cross Lane
St Dunstan’s Hill
Great Tower Street
Talbot Court
Philpot Lane
Rood Lane
Plantation Lane
Mincing Lane
Dunster Court
Mark Lane
London Street
New London Street
Hart Street
Crutched Friars
Seething Lane
Pepys Street
Muscovy Street
Trinity Square
Savage Gardens
Hammett Street
America Square
Cooper’s Row
Vine Street
Jewry Street
Northumberland Alley
Rangoon Street
Carlisle Avenue
Lloyd’s Avenue
Fenchurch Place
St Helen’s Place
St Mary Axe
Great St Helen’s
Creechurch Lane
Mitre Street
Mitre Square
Creechuch Place
Bury Street
Bury Court
Billiter Street
Fenchurch Avenue
Lime Street
Whittington Avenue
Minories between Goodman’s Yard and Aldgate High Street
Portsoken Street
Haydon Street
India Street
St Clare Street
London Bridge
Gracechurch Street
Bishopsgate between Cornhill and Wormwood Street
Queen Street Place northbound
Southwark Bridge northbound
London Bridge
In the London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Trinity Square
Tower Bridge Approach between East Smithfield and Tower Bridge Road
Tower Bridge Road between Tower Bridge Approach and the London Borough of Southwark
In the London Borough of Southwark
Southwark Bridge northbound
Southwark Bridge Road northbound between Southwark Street and Southwark Bridge
Southwark Street eastbound
Tower Bridge Road between Tooley Street and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets
London Bridge
Borough High Street between Duke Street Hill and London Bridge
Borough High Street northbound between Southwark Street and Duke Street Hill
Bermonsey Street northbound between Crucifix Lane and Tooley Street
Duke Street Hill
Tooley Street
Fair Street between Tower Bridge Road and Tooley Street
Barnham Street
Shand Street
Holyrood Street
Magdalen Street
Gibbon’s Rent
Bursar Street
Montague Close
Bridge Yard
Hay’s Lane
Counter Street
Battle Bridge Lane
English Grounds
Morgan’s Lane
Braidwood Street
Vine Lane
Weaver’s Lane
Potters Fields
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Global climate strike – 20th September

The main strike is hosted by YouthStrike4Climate and the UK Student Climate Network, with organisational support from Greenpeace and 360degrees Campaign and is well publicised via global social media channels. As this day is part of a global climate strike multiple events have been identified to take place all over London.

The main event will be a rally, between 11am and 3.30pm, in Millbank featuring a double decker bus for the stage and a screen facing Parliament Square. Parking will be suspended on Millbank from 6am to move the infrastructure in to the area.

Secondary protests will occur in Parliament Square and areas around Kings College University, particularly the Strand where students are planning to protest by occupying the street, blocking roads and disrupting traffic.

No counter protest groups are expected meaning no disruption to pedestrian flows through barriers or cordons are likely.

Previous YouthStrike4Climate protests have been largely peaceful, however protestors did engage in sit-down tactics, which caused significant disruption. Greenpeace and organisers are not planning any stunts at this event.

A policing plan is in place that is proportionate to the numbers expected led by an experienced public order command team.

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London protest

Please see below details about an animal rights protest that will be taking place between 13th & 17th September 2019.

What: London Fashion Week animal rights protests

Where: Central London – Somerset House and New Bond Street

When: 13/09/2019 – 17/09/2019

London Fashion Week will take place from 13th – 17th September. Extinction Rebellion have announced that they will stage direct action events through the week. No specifics have been mentioned other than a funeral procession on the 17th. They have also mentioned Somerset House on The Strand and New Bond Street as locations to be targeted.

The Facebook event page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/401615927135560/

Indicative numbers suggest 225 attendees with a further 1000 showing an interest.

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Brexit protest

There are a number of Brexit-related protests throughout the day in Parliament Square.

There is likely to be a significant increase in the scale of protest from 1700 onward around Parliament Square and environs

Yesterday saw a spontaneous procession through Abingdon, Millbank, Lambeth Bridge, returning to Parliament Square via Westminster Bridge where there was a standing protest blocking the carriageway for approximately 10 minutes.

There is a likelihood of a repetition of spontaneous processions similar in nature today from late afternoon onwards.

There is a planned demonstration outside the Home Office at 1800 hrs which may cause some disruption in the immediate vicinity. There continues to be protest activity in East London in proximity to the Excel Centre.

Currently protestor activity has caused total obstructions of the carriageway at Royal Albert Way and Seagull lane. Police are responding to this.

An experienced command team is in place to proportionately police the several protests.

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Northern line

The northern line is currently suspended and there are severe delays on the metropolitan line.

More info to follow

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London protest – 3rd September 2019

What: Kashmir Freedom March

Where: Central London

When: 3rd September 2019, 12:00

The British Kashmiris have organised a march to highlight concerns regarding the situation in India.

Start Point: HYDE PARK

Route: TBC. Current intelligence suggests it will include PARLIAMENT SQUARE, REGENT STREET, OXFORD STREET, WHITEHALL, please see image below.


Organisers have estimated that up to 2000 people will attend. The police are aware of the event.

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