Recent issues at cinemas

This information is useful for any property located near a cinema;

On Saturday evening there was a major incident at Star City involving large numbers of youths and adults at VUE cinema.

The incident involved rival gangs fighting in which knives and machetes were used.

This took place in the reception area of VUE in front of members of the public.

Police were quick to attend the site and disperse the group, making several arrests; 7 police officers were injured and the site has received significant media attention over the event.

A similar incident occurred at Valley Centertainment on the same day, again involving rival gangs.

Initial reports indicate that machetes and a firearm were branded by members of the gangs.

Both of these incidents are allegedly connected to the showing of the new film Blue Story.

Due to this, VUE cinemas and Showcase cinemas have removed the film from scheduling and will not be showing the film on any screens.

We are asking all sites that have a cinema near their premises to brief their staff regarding the incidents that have happened at the weekend.

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