Global climate strike – 20th September

The main strike is hosted by YouthStrike4Climate and the UK Student Climate Network, with organisational support from Greenpeace and 360degrees Campaign and is well publicised via global social media channels. As this day is part of a global climate strike multiple events have been identified to take place all over London.

The main event will be a rally, between 11am and 3.30pm, in Millbank featuring a double decker bus for the stage and a screen facing Parliament Square. Parking will be suspended on Millbank from 6am to move the infrastructure in to the area.

Secondary protests will occur in Parliament Square and areas around Kings College University, particularly the Strand where students are planning to protest by occupying the street, blocking roads and disrupting traffic.

No counter protest groups are expected meaning no disruption to pedestrian flows through barriers or cordons are likely.

Previous YouthStrike4Climate protests have been largely peaceful, however protestors did engage in sit-down tactics, which caused significant disruption. Greenpeace and organisers are not planning any stunts at this event.

A policing plan is in place that is proportionate to the numbers expected led by an experienced public order command team.

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