City of London crime stats


The latest crime stats for the City of London have been released, these cover March 2019.

Overall reported crime has risen by approximately 20%.

With the exception of burglary and drug offences, all other reported types of crime have risen or stayed static.

Cycle theft continues to be an issue in London, do all of your buildings have quality mitigations in place to combat this. Mitigations could include CCTV coverage and access control, as well as regular patrols of the area.

Forms of theft continue to be a risk in the City, these range from muggings to shoplifting and unfortunately anti-social behaviour maintains its position as a top reported crime.

It is advisable for all buildings in London to have a security review conducted (and reviewed at least annually if already conducted). If assistance is required on conducting a security review and operational risk register please contact Mark Hobden DBCI MBCI M.ISRM for guidance and assistance.


February 2019 March 2019
All crime 818 1,037
Anti-social behaviour 92 142
Bicycle theft 31 32
Burglary 35 29
Criminal damage and arson 23 25
Drugs 41 33
Other crime 4 12
Other theft 215 280
Possession of weapons 3 7
Public order 54 55
Robbery 9 18
Shoplifting 81 108
Theft from the person 85 101
Vehicle crime 10 10
Violence and sexual offences 135 185
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