Climate protest update

The below message was distributed by the Metropolitan Police for sharing;

Current overview: (Subject to change or variation)

Intelligence suggests the focus of protest activity today will be Parliament Square for Prime Ministers Questions. There is a policing plan to ensure the uninterrupted operation of Parliament

We are anticipating an increased number of “swarming” protests, by which a small number of protestors will obstruct the highway briefly for about 8 minutes before releasing the traffic. There is a proportionate policing plan in response and each event will be assessed individually

Although protestor numbers are smaller, we remain aware that a small number of activists can cause a high degree of disruption and the police operation remains significant

We are continuing to enforce the S14 conditions at Marble Arch with the intention to re-open the roadway as soon as possible.

Intelligence suggests ‘swarming’ traffic disruption protest activity will take place in the City of London tomorrow (Thursday 25th). Businesses, organisations and stakeholders should expect protest activity to continue and to remain prepared and vigilant.

There are conflicting messages from the protest group as to when they are planning to conclude their activity with some calling for an earlier finish with others seeking to remain until the 28th

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