London Protests – City of London Update

The below information was distributed by the City of London Police;

Current overview

The group Extinction Rebellion have been taking part in a fortnight of action with their stated aim to raise awareness of climate change. This will continue this week and is likely to affect the City of London on Thursday 25 April.

Current intelligence suggests the group will be targeting financial institutions in the Square Mile on this day. However, it is likely the whole of the City will experience disruption to roads and the transport network.

We are advising local business to:

  • Consider contingency plans to mitigate impact, e.g. delivery dates, working from home, removing outside street furniture.
  • Review access control to buildings and accreditation of personnel to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Report any suspicious activity to police either 999 in an emergency or call 101.
  • Register for Cross-sector Security and Safety Communications via CSSC

We would also strongly urge all businesses in the Square Mile follow us on Twitter and sign up to our alerts service.

The following advice may assist in preparing your business or organisation for any potential disruption:

Your people

  • In the days leading up to Thursday, ensure all employees are fully briefed.
  • Your premises should have a strong, visible management presence who should identify themselves to the police in the event of any incident.
  • Security officers, where possible, should be highly visible.
  • All staff should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to security and/or the police.
  • Ensure all members of staff are fully aware of any emergency and evacuation procedures.

Your premises

  • Minimise the number of entry points to your premises.
  • Ensure that the outside areas are clear of debris, dustbins, ladders or tools and equipment.
  • Check that your emergency equipment, grab bags, first aid supplies and any radio communication equipment are in place, easy to get to and working properly. (It is advisable to test them beforehand.)
  • Check and test building security and emergency systems.
  • Ensure CCTV coverage is fully operational and can provide the highest recording resolution possible.
  • If your building has scaffolding erected or is in close proximity of scaffolding, let your security staff known.
  • In addition, ensure that your security teams are aware and well drilled in lockdown procedures.
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