MPS information

The following information was shared by the MPS for sharing, and related to current protest activity;

Enforcement action continues against protesters failing to comply with conditions under Sec 14 of the Public Order Act.

These locations are:

Waterloo Bridge will expire at 2110 of Friday 19/4; 2. Oxford Circus will expire 1645 on Saturday 20th April; 3. Parliament Square 1732 on 18th April. All protesters are being directed to Marble Arch.

MPS continues to collate impact assessment/statements on order to provide a legal framework for the implementation of continued conditions

So far over 420 arrests have been made and the policing plan remains in place continuing to enforce non-compliance with the conditions due to the ongoing serious disruption to the life of the community.

An updated map is shown below of the roads most affected (Roads in red are either currently closed or restricted access)

London Underground—British Transport Police currently report no ongoing issues. – Plan in place in case protesters attempt to enter Rail network

TfL continue to work with police to minimise impact and continue to provide messaging via media and other means, keeping people informed. Zone 1 tickets are being accepted on the tube.

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