Protest activity

The below information was distributed by the City of London Police for sharing;

The aim of this update is to provide stakeholders, partners and businesses information to prepare, ahead of anticipated protest activity in London between the 14th and 28th April 2019.

Extinction Rebellion are organising 2 weeks of action with their stated aim to raise awareness of climate change: This is likely to cause disruption to the road and transport network.

This may involve marches, other forms of protest, and activity in central London and elsewhere around the capital.

A policing plan is being developed with partners to minimise the impact on London, police protest activity, and provide reassurance.

We anticipate some disruption on most days between the 14th and 28th April – the exact dates, times and locations is as yet unknown. Based on current information, Monday 15th April is likely to experience significant disruption in central London.

We also anticipate disruption in other London Boroughs with planned gatherings and marches making their way from outer London into central London.

This is subject to change and we will endeavour to provide timely information to assist in keeping business as usual and minimising the impact.

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