City of London Police – Brexit

Please find below an official statement from the City of London Police in relation to Brexit;

“The City of London Police is confident that it will be able to continue to deliver a high-quality service to London throughout the period of the UK leaving the EU.

There are a number of events planned in Central London but there is no intelligence at this time to suggest disorder will take place. We are confident that we have the plans and resource in place to ensure that lawful freedom of expression is facilitated and disorder prevented.

We are aware there are potential protests planned in coming weeks and these may impact the City. We are mindful of the needs to keep our communities accurately informed and commit to making available confirmed information regarding protests and other incidents that may impact the City. If you do not already do so, can we urge you to follow us on Twitter (@CityPolice) and sign up to our alerts service.

Some communities have expressed concerns to us about a possible rise in hate crime. We would like to ensure our communities that we take hate crime very seriously and will respond quickly and robustly to any incidents that occur.

The City of London Police is fully engaged and working closely with strategic partners, both within the Square Mile, London as a whole, and nationally, to consider and plan for a whole range of contingencies, dependent on the results of the continuing political process. We will continue to re-assess our plans and resources in the light of continuing national and international events.

Our Community Policing team will continue to work closely with you to understand and respond to any policing concerns you might have.”

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