London protests 21-23 Nov

According to details on social media, the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ movement, along with the ‘Rising Up’ organisation, are planning protest activity in London over 21-23 November.

The action is to demand the government’s urgent response to the "Climate Crisis" and "Ecological Emergency".

Extinction Rebellion’s so-termed ‘Rebellion Day’ on 15 November resulted in considerable disruption at a number of the capital’s main bridges, along with instances of minor unrest.

For the upcoming ‘Rebellion Swarming’, details advise that participants will rally at Parliament Square from 07:00 local time on each of the three days. Further action after this has not yet been communicated, though road disruption and business disruption is apparently planned.

As before, significant participation is expected. Additionally, the groups have called for related demonstrations throughout the country, calling for localised “swarms”. As such, there is potential for protests in other urban areas, most particularly large cities.

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