City of London crime information

Here are the recently released reported crime stats for the City of London.

Overall the total number of crimes reported went down by over 20% in September compared to August.

Event though the overall reported crimes have lowered it should be noted that there has been a raise in reports of robbery and cycle theft. With this in mind if you would like further info relating to cycle thefts and possible mitigations please refer to the link below;

August 2018 September 2018
All crime 818 683
Anti-social behaviour 123 83
Bicycle theft 46 59
Burglary 41 8
Criminal damage and arson 15 21
Drugs 35 32
Other crime 12 8
Other theft 146 138
Possession of weapons 10 7
Public order 59 45
Robbery 4 17
Shoplifting 87 70
Theft from the person 83 60
Vehicle crime 22 12
Violence and sexual offences 135 123

Please visit for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

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