Million Mask March

This year’s Million Mask March will be taking place today and will start in Trafalgar Square at 18:00. So far, the route has not been published, but indications on social media are that they intend to march to The Former Royal Mint and The Tower of London via Parliament. There have been no indications so far that they will be targeting specific organisations, sectors or coming into the City and the most recent police updates only contains a broad advisory.

Led by international ‘hactivist’ group Anonymous, the anti-establishment demonstration sees protestors march through the capital wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

First held in 2013, the march has set off from central London every year since with Anonymous calling for people from around the world to join on Monday, November 5.

Once a year, people gather at hundreds of cities from around the world, waving banners with anti-Government slogans written on them.

Police usually impose conditions on the march, and limit it to a three-hour period between 6pm and 9pm on a prescribed route between Trafalgar Square and Whitehall.

Any static protest only takes place in Trafalgar Square, Richmond Terrace and Parliament Square and the Met has previously warned that anyone breaching the conditions could be arrested for public order offences.

Roads in the St James’s Park usually close early on, while other roads could be fully closed if police deem this necessary.

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