Urban Explorers

Recently received the following information to share with the wider group;

Ally Law (a well-known urban explorer with nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube) is arranging a “meet up” for his fans in Leicester Square at 2.00 pm on Saturday afternoon (29 September). He announced this within the video of a “meet up” in Southampton last weekend – see the following video at 17 mins 50 secs …


The Southampton meet up was the first event of its kind. A few hundred people turned up (despite the rain) but I’m sure that the Leicester Square event will be bigger.

Here’s a link to a recent video showing Ally Law and some colleagues at 52 Lime Street – pretty typical of the sort of content he puts out (they get onto the roof around 5 minutes into the film):-


It’s worth browsing through Ally Law’s channel on YouTube to see the range of incidents that he gets involved with – mostly trespass on construction sites and “overnight challenges”.

His videos now typically attract around 500k views – so he’s making a reasonable living from this activity.

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