Trump protests July 2018

As you may be aware, The President of The United States will be visiting the UK on 13th July 2018. There will be a number Marches and Rallies taking place on 12th, 13th and 14th July.

Thursday 12th July-: A Rally will take place under the collective of “Together against Trump” This Rally will take place outside Downing Street at 17:30 and numbers at present are anticipated to be 5000+

Friday 13th July-: A March and Rally will take place also by the collective “Together against Trump” This Rally will form up in Portland Place at 15:00 and move off at 16:00 where they will march to Trafalgar Square. 10’s of 1000’s are anticipated for this event. There is also a “Women’s March” taking place earlier in the day, forming up in Portland Place at 11:00, moving off at 12:30 towards Parliament Square where a Rally will then take place. Anticipated numbers at present for this event is 10,000.

Saturday 14th July-: A “Pro Trump” Rally and March will take place, marching from the US Embassy to Parliament Square via Vauxhall Bridge and Millbank. This Rally will commence at 10:00 ending at 14:00 with 1000’s anticipated.

More information on this including road closures will be sent nearer the time.

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