London protests

On Saturday 23rd June 2018 two separate marches and rallies will be taking place in Central London on the anniversary of the Brexit Referendum.

The March for People’s Vote will form up in St James’s Street and Pall Mall. They will then march past Trafalgar Square and down Whitehall, holding a rally in Parliament Square. The march will begin at 13:00hrs, with the rally concluding at 17:00hrs.

The UK Unity and Freedom March will form up in Carlisle Place by Victoria Station. They will march down Vauxhall Bridge Road, then along Millbank, holding a rally at the junction of Great George Street. The march will begin at 1400hrs, with the rally concluding at 1700hrs.

Please see below a map outlining the routes the marches will take. A series of road closures will be put in place to facilitate these marches. The road closures have been designed to minimise the disruption to vehicles but inevitably the areas adjacent to the marches and rally points will suffer from congestion.

Public Transport users are advised to visit the TfL website and their social media outlets for regular updates and to seek alternative routes.

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