Business Continuity blog and Twitter


For those that are not aware there is a Twitter account that sits alongside the BC blog.

Whilst the blog is designed to give warnings and updates on issues and incidents that can have an impact upon businesses, the Twitter account was designed to give live brief updates live during large protests and other more serious issues.

For those that are interested in please follow;


In addition, should you want colleagues or other interested parties to receive these blog updates, please ask them to contact Mark Hobden at mark.hobden and they will be added to the distribution list.

Kind Regards,

Mark Hobden DBCI AMBCI
Business Continuity & Compliance Manager

Our Values (PRIDE):
Professionalism, Respect, Innovation, Determination, Excellence

47 Paul St, London. EC2A 4LP. TEL: +44 203 861 5060 | MOB: 07581 183058 Web | Linked In

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