Demonstration Alert: Reclaim the Night March

The Annual women only Reclaim the Night march is due to carry out a demonstration this Saturday 25 November 2017 from 1800hrs.

It is anticipated that up to 1000 people may attend.

It is a show of strength and a collective demand for freedom from sexual violence and harassment. It is excepted to be a loud and proud protest by women marching against male violence, oppression and marginalization.

The walking route will pass the following locations:

North Terrace Trafalgar Square > Pall Mall East > Charing Cross Road > Tottenham Court Road > Camden > University Street > Gower Street Torrington Place > Byng Square > Gordon Square > Tavistock Square > Tavistock Place > Judd Street > Bidborough Street.

Rally point and speeches will be held at the Camden Centre at the end of the route. Police will be present throughout the march with tape and cone closures and solo and duty escorts.

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