Million Mask March 5th November

Participants will gather in Trafalgar Square. The route of the march has not been announced by the organisers, but participants are expected to proceed to Parliament Square, via Whitehall.

The ‘Million Mask March’, organised by the hacker collective Anonymous, has taken place annually on 05 November since 2013, with the aim of making a range of broadly anti-establishment and anti-capitalist demands.

The 2015 and 2016 marches were attended by several thousand individuals, but in previous years, attendance has been in the tens of thousands. At the time of writing, approximately 700 individuals had expressed their intention to attend, suggesting that this year’s march is likely to be smaller than in previous years. Over 19,000 individuals expressed their intention to attend the 2016 march.

In previous years, the ‘Million Mask March’ has seen violent incidents, and a large police presence. In 2015, protestors threw missiles and fireworks at police officers, injuring four, and attempted to set fire to a car. In 2016, there were reports of fireworks being set off in the crowd. At least 47 arrests were made, three of which were for possession of an offensive weapon, and one for criminal damage. The march was however more peaceful than in previous years. Police maintained tight control, confining the demonstrators to a pre-arranged route from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square. Similar measures are expected to be implemented this year.

In previous years, groups of protestors have broken off from the main march, targeting various locations, including Buckingham Palace, the Conservative Campaign Headquarters on Bridge Street, the Churchill War Rooms, properties in Kensington, and shops on Regent Street. There were no reports of such breakaway protests in 2016.

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