Holborn Protest – 14th July

Democratic Alliance Abroad (known as DA Abroad, which supports South African interests from overseas locations) intends to hold a protest outside the operating location of public relations agency Bell Pottinger (located on High Holborn) on Friday 14th July.

The protest will take place between 16:30hrs and 18:00hrs.

DA Abroad allege that Bell Pottinger have been involved in campaigns within South Africa that have allegedly resulted at stirring racial tensions within South African communities. Official complaints have been registered with the Public Relations and Communications Association and also to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations but representatives for DA Abroad believe that certain conditions must be met by 18:00hrs on 13th July. The group believes that these conditions are unlikely to be met, hence the organisation of a protest during which attending activists will voice their concerns and issue demands.

The presence of protesters may result in a temporary blockage of the pavement at and the area in the general vicinity of the above premises. There is no intelligence available to indicate that other locations will also be targeted for protest.

This protest is unlikely to cause significant disruption on High Holborn activists from the above group intend to maintain a presence at commercial premises.

There are no indications that activists plan to disrupt vehicular traffic on High Holborn. However, please be advised that activists present are likely to seek to interact with passing pedestrians or those who may be visiting retailers or other locations in order to generate greater public awareness of their agenda and campaign aims.

Those who attend the planned protest are likely to be determined and vociferous but pose no significant threat to public safety.

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