Briefing Note for Businesses of Upcoming ‘English Defence League March on Parliament’ Saturday 24th June 201 7

The below information was produced by the Metropolitan Police;


An ‘English Defense League (EDL) March and Rally will take place on Saturday 24th June 2017 from various EDL Divisions who anticipate 250-300 members attending. Support is also expected from “Football Fans Alliance” who anticipate 1200-1500 attending. Supporters will meet at approximately 12:00. This group intend meeting at The Lord Moon of The Mall and Red Lion pub. These timings and meeting points are subject to change however.

Attendance will comprise of a vast array of right wing supporters who are demanding the government protect the nation against the threat of Islamic Terrorism.

United against Fascism (UAF), Movement for justice, HS161 and other anti-fascist groups will counter this event and will seek to take ground early whilst not engaging with Police on the ground. There is expected to be a Black Block element to the left wing counter protest and the use of flares and missiles cannot be discounted.

Intelligence also suggests that there will be various parallel demonstrations in other areas of London by various right wing groups.

Route and Rally point

The EDL march is due to form up at 12:00, move off at 13:15 towards Houses of Parliament. Police have requested a starting point of Horseferry Road in order to avoid a parallel event in Trafalgar Square. EDL have requested use of the green opposite Old Palace Yard where they will conduct four speeches before dispersing at 15:30.


RIGHT WING-: The likelihood of pre-planned serious disorder is assessed as LOW (May occur occasionally)

The likelihood of spontaneous disorder is assessed as MODERATE (Is as likely to occur as not)

The likelihood of civil disobedience such as marching on the road, sit downs and moving onto secondary protest locations is assessed as LOW

LEFT WING-: The likelihood of pre-planned disorder is assessed as MODERATE (Is as likely to occur as not)

The likelihood of spontaneous disorder is assessed as MODERATE

The likelihood of acts civil disobedience such as marching on the road, sit downs and moving onto secondary protest locations is assessed as HIGH (Likely to occur)

Policing Intentions

— To provide a lawful and proportionate policing response to protest, balancing the needs and rights of protesters with those impacted by the protest;

— To maintain public order;

— To prevent crime and anti-social behavior and take all reasonable and proportionate steps to intervene and bring offenders to justice if crime is committed;

— To work together with event organisers / participants and other agencies to minimise criminal activity and anti-social behavior associated with the event;

— To provide a proportionate policing response to vulnerable premises;

— To work together with the event organisers to prevent serious disruption to the life of the residential and business community and vehicular traffic;

— To provide an appropriate Counter Terrorism response and security advice commensurate to the threat level;

— Provide a coordinated response to incidents;

— To ensure the MPS meets it legal obligations in respect of care for the vulnerable including children.

The Metropolitan police service is fully aware of the potential impact of any demonstrations on the local business community and is well equipped to deal with events like this. An appropriate policing plan is in place to meet the needs of the march, the public and local businesses.

The march and rally will travel through busy commercial areas on a key shopping day, using key arterial routes in London. This is further complicated by extensive road works being undertaken across London.

Roles and responsibilities of police and stakeholders.

Police have three core responsibilities

  • The protection of life and property
  • The prevention and detection of crime
  • Maintenance of The Queen’s Peace

The MPS will work in partnership with organisers, stewards, key strategic partners and our communities to achieve these goals and our policing intentions.Traffic management should be the responsibility of the event organizer in conjunction with the relevant local authority however previous experience has shown that this function is sometimes not carried out. As such police will undertake a traffic management plan, in line with the policing objectives of preventing serious disruption to business, residential and vehicular traffic.

BTP are responsible for policing on the Transport network. As such, they will have a plan around the egress and entry of the LT stations along the route.

Responsibility of Event organizer.

The event organizer is responsible for the safety and security of those attending the march and rally, as well as obligations under the Public Order Act.

Roles and responsibility of Stewards.

Stewards will be responsible for marshalling the form up area, directing the march along the agreed route, and managing the rally and dispersal. They will also be responsible for initial interventions to prevent problems arising if required.

Roles and Responsibilities of Partner agencies.

TfL retain responsibility for managing traffic and congestion across London. As such police will work with them to develop a traffic management plan that allows them to carry out this function.

Westminster City Council have a statutory duty to reduce crime and disorder, and to provide traffic management for this event. They can refuse to allow the rally in Trafalgar Square. WCC wardens have a number of powers, as do GLA wardens, and there are a number of bye-laws available should they wish to use them. Police will work with WCC and GLA to assist them in carrying out these responsibilities.

Businesses and private premises should be aware that a majority of protests are peaceful and under Human Rights legislation should be facilitated on public land unless certain exceptions apply, however it is always possible that individuals attending may not be intent on holding a peaceful protest. In relation to protests within private property, Police see the primary responsibility for the security of the property and the management of any trespass within the premises as being that of the land owner/company. As you are well aware, opening your premises for business implies invitation to all persons. The Manager or representative of the company / premises can withdraw this invitation at any time.

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