London Protest – 21st of June

A large protest is expected to occur in London on 21st June, described as being a manifestation of anger and discontent regarding the Grenfell Tower Fire, but also framed as a protest regarding class divides and lower-class living conditions.

The protest is due to assemble in the vicinity of Shepherds Bush Green on 21st June at approximately 13:00hrs, before marching along an as-yet undisclosed route before reaching the Palace of Westminster, at which point a static protest is likely to occur. The event flyer and other publicity material states the event aims to ‘shut down London’, although it is unlikely that the protest will have any significant effect on the operation of businesses and services outside of the immediate vicinity of the event and march route.

Although the event is expected to start at 13:00hrs, there is likely to be a substantial presence within the area earlier than that start time, and it is likely that the police operation within that area will start much earlier still. It is likely that there will be some disruption to the wider area, especially surrounding the Shepard’s Bush Green start-point, along the march route, and surrounding the Palace of Westminster end-point.

There may include some road closures in place to facilitate the event, although no such closures arelisted by Transport for London at this time. This is likely to change closer to the date and as the details of the policing operation are finalised.

The date has been chosen to coincide with the State Opening of Parliament, and the protest event had been planned for this date prior to the Grenfell Tower fire; it was originally organised as an anti-austerity march and would have likely have been similar in nature to previous events by the group, which often received little social media attention outside of members of the group and were usually attended by fewer than 100 people.

However the nature and marketing campaign for the event was modified to capitalise on the discontent felt by some following the fire, and has received social media and traditional press media coverage far beyond that of previous actions by the group.

There is significant discussion and posts on social media locations discussing and highlighting the event, often with posts displaying slogans including #DayofRage, #Justice4Grenfell and #BringDownTheGovernment. Previous protests regarding the Grenfell Tower fire have been attended by, what some estimate to be, thousands of attendees.

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