ACT: Action Counters Terrorism Campaign

The information below was sent out by the City of London for sharing;

ACT: Action Counters Terrorism Campaign

Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner Specialist Operations National Lead for CT Policing On Monday 6th March 2017 National Counter Terrorism Headquarters launched a national counter terrorism advertising campaign, the focus of which is the critical role the public can play to defeat terrorism.

Since 2014, the threat from terrorism has been ‘SEVERE’ – meaning an attack is “highly likely”. Against this backdrop the police, together with our security partners, have been working tirelessly to identify and disrupt the terrorist threat, while at the same time raising public awareness of the risks and how we are responding to them.

This is why we have launched this new campaign to urge the public to report suspicious activity to help prevent terrorism.

In the past, lives have been saved and terrorists have been thwarted thanks to the public coming forward with information.

The campaign will be the first under the new branding platform called ACT.

Recent research tells us that the public are not always clear or confident about what they themselves can do to help defeat terrorism.

Responding to this challenge, CT Policing has developed ACT—Action Counters Terrorism—a powerful new tool to bring all CT advisory and appeal messaging under one coherent banner.

Our aim is to develop a step-change in equipping communities with information they need to defeat terrorism.

The first campaign to utilise the ACT platform will be national public awareness advertising campaign called “Make Nothing Happen”. This campaign, urges the public to contact police about suspicious activity by calling the Anti-Terrorist Hotline or an online reporting form, will run across radio and digital channels over the six weeks, backed by national and regional media. We have always said that “communities defeat terrorism”.

Our new campaign urges the public to do just that. With that in mind I would like to take this opportunity, through London Protect, to ask you to support our campaign.

We ask for your help in amplifying the campaign using your organisation’s communication and engagement channels, particularly by social and digital media. We will be using our @TerrorismPolice Twitter account to push our key messages and materials, while the online home for the campaign will be

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