CSSC – Met update

On Monday 1st August 2016 Detective Superintendent Dave Roney spoke to CSSC Industry Sector Leads about the current threat from international terrorism to the United Kingdom. He spoke about the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, Sir Bernard Hogan Howe’s comments made during an interview with The Mail on Sunday newspaper.


Detective Superintendent Dave Roney said ‘The Commissioner has been seeking to raise the profile of counter terrorism in London and the United Kingdom. There is currently no intelligence of an imminent threat ’.

‘In response the continuing threat we are increasing our activity and you are likely to see more armed officers and high visibility policing in the capital’.

‘There have been 317 ‘Daesh’ inspired or directed attacks so far this year, 120 of these have taken place in Europe. As we continue to strengthen our relationship with businesses and the public in order to protect the UK, demonstrated by over 3600 contributions of information every day, we ask you to help us to be ahead of the curve.’

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, National Lead on Counter Terrorism made the following statement this morning on his Blog:

Detective Superintendent Dave Roney said ‘The Commissioner has been seeking to raise the profile of counter terrorism in London and the United Kingdom. There is currently no intelligence of an imminent threat ’.

We have all been facing a severe level of threat – meaning "an attack is highly likely" – for nearly two years now. And whilst, we have thwarted a number of terrorist plots in that time we are not complacent and continue to do everything we can to protect the public.

The Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe wrote this week that the UK is “a hostile environment for those intent on terrorism”. As national lead for counter terrorism policing I couldn’t agree more described some of the steps we are taking to further strengthen our ability to protect communities, including more counter terrorist detectives and more specialist firearms officers.

In the UK we have many advantages in countering the terror threat including being an island nation with border controls, tight gun laws and a well-practised national security machinery of police and security & intelligence agencies working closely together.

But for me our greatest advantage is the cooperation between the public and the police. It has often been said that “communities defeat terrorism” and now that’s more important than ever before.

The true scale of that collaboration is impressive, but rarely explained. The fact is that we see at least 3639 contributions from the public every day, helping keep us all safe in our collective effort against terrorism.

For example, every day ordinary men and women demonstrate their continued trust in UK policing by calling our confidential hotline to pass on potentially important information; calling 101 or speaking to neighbourhood officers to report concerns about someone who may be being radicalised; attending counter terrorism awareness events or learning how they can help protect themselves and their colleagues; or referring extremist content online so it can be removed.

Every call, every referral, every briefing is part of our joint fight against terrorism. The information we receive helps our investigations, intelligence-gathering and preventative work; they help us carry out significant protective security operations; they help us get the right support for vulnerable people, and they undermine the plans of terrorists. Indeed, some of our highest priority investigations have benefitted from information from communities.

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