Ultimate Security update

This is an update of actions being undertaken currently by the Ultimate Security Services Operations team following last night’s terrorist attack in Nice, France.

Despite the attack taking place in France, the current threat for international terrorism in the UK is at severe (as it has been since August 2014).

With the exception of a few, the majority of Ultimate’s sites are in central London

Over the next day all sites in London will be visited by a member of the Operations team

The purpose for these visits are;

Reassurance for the team
Reassurance for the client
Offer advice and guidance where required
To ensure that the threat related procedures are in place and understood, these procedures include;

* Threat Level, on display

* Threat Matrix on display

* Escalation Plan, on display

* Regional Manager/Director Duty Roster

* Potential targets mapped, on display

* Battle Box

* Grab bags

* Lock-Down procedures

* Security Reviews

* Emergency Service and Anti-Terrorist contact details

* Client Liaison and escalation details
The manning and Ops office are monitoring the news and will inform us if the situation changes.

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