Weekend protest – update

This is an update on yesterday alert regarding this upcoming weekends protests

People’s Assembly

· Details as per yesterday’s alert regards to meeting point and times stated.

· Routes will be well controlled and policed sufficiently.

English Defence League (EDL)

· With participation of English Defence League, expecting a national call out for this event, which generally can attract other potential groups.

· MPS intel suggesting that likely to gather around the Hyde Park area

· MPS will contain and assist with keeping the EDL group on one side to avoid crossing paths and colliding with the People’s Assembly and UAF (Units Against Fascism).

Unite Against Fascism (UAF)

· Opposition to the EDL, it is quite common that wherever the EDL are involved in organised or spontaneous marches and protests, the UAF generally ensure to be present.

· As per above, the MPS will monitor and strict policing in place to ensure kept separated.

Black Lives Matter

· MPS are in contact with organisers of this group due to the nature of this weekend’s March and Protest, and may be potential as one of additional groups that could participate or even be targeted.

· Dedicated policing in place to ensure all parties are kept separated.

· A number of reserves and officers at disposal for contingency.

· Should you notice any unusual activity or odd groups within your vicinity that may potentially cause an issue or by actual cause, dial 999.

General Advice


· Identify areas where public and private and how could be affected

· Identify areas that may attract protest / media attention

· Are there any areas that could facilitate protest activity

· Be mindful of any vacant or vulnerable premises


· Make up of your staff (i.e. people with disabilities, carers, young children etc)

· Entry and exit points for staff

· Can you quantify the disruption caused and is it ‘serious’?

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