CSSC – Reception Security

Work place security tips for reception staff and for people working alone.

Reception staff performs a critical role in a building’s overall security plan thereby safeguarding the business, its employees and clients from criminals and other threats. Whilst incidents are rare, working alone can sometimes feel vulnerable.

There are 4 main security and crime threats that reception staff should consider:

1. Opportunistic crime such as property theft and trespassing 2. Information theft or destruction
3. Violent crime such as assault or threats
4. Emergency incidents such as terrorism, fire or bomb threat/evacuation.

Here are some considerations for staff working alone to stay safe:

◊ Read company policy guidance specific to your workplace – this contains lots of useful information.
◊ Familiarise yourself with the layout of the building or site where you are working. Know what the evacuation plan is along with location of fire extinguishers, fire escapes and first aid equipment.
◊ Have an up-to-date list of contact numbers in the event of an emergency including all occupants of the building. ◊ Are common areas well lit? If they are not, report it.
◊ If a panic alarm is fitted, is it tested regularly?
◊ Carry a means of communication with you, such as a mobile phone, radio or a panic alarm. This equipment is useless unless it is switched on and is worn at all times. ◊ Keep doors to rooms that are not being used locked.
◊ Keep the your desk free of personal belongings and valuables including mobile phones – lock them away or keep them out of sight.
◊ Lock your workstation before leaving your desk, secure all office keys, alarm codes, company information and equipment.
◊ Do not leave sensitive or confidential company information in public view. Use a shredder to safely dispose of it.
◊ Suspicious activity should be reported to security and shared with other businesses. If you see or hear anything that could be terrorist-related trust your instincts and call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.
◊ Adopt a ‘challenge culture’ to anybody that is not wearing a visitor pass in your restricted areas.
◊ If there is security staff on duty, let them know that you are in the building. You can also ask them to check on you every so often.

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