City of London Griffin conference call notes

Operation Lightning New Reports

Since the last call we’ve had 3 Operation Lightning reports.

On the 101h March 2016, photography at Guildhall Yard East. A City of London Police Officer observed an IC2 male taking photographs at the entrance of Guildhall Yard East last Friday lunch time. The individual was identified and stopped at the scene, he stated he was in London to take part in a computer hacking competition, enquiries completed by the City of London Police confirmed this and the incident was deemed non suspicious.

On the 16th March 2016 outside the Bank of England security staff reported an IC1 male taking photos of the Postern Gate near the Bank of England which is the main vehicle access route. Individual was described as approximately 6 foot tall in his mid 30’s, clean shaven with short shaved dark hair. He was wearing blue jeans, a dark blue jacket carrying a rucksack. CCTV has been obtained and circulated. It appears from CCTV that the male was also taking photographs of other City locations. The incident has been closed and deemed non suspicious.

Also on the 16th March, this is for information because it was at Chelmsford Train Station outside the City, an off duty City of London Police Officer reported a male acting suspiciously in a train travelling from Chelmsford Train Station into the City of London on Wednesday morning. The IC1 male placed a rucksack on the floor of the train carriage and walked away leaving it unattended, then returned started acting suspiciously with his mobile phone checking the time and looking at Google Maps to check his location. The male alighted the train at Stratford Station but was lost from view. The report was forwarded to the British Transport Police for further investigation.

Operation Lightning Previous Reports
On the 10th March filming toward One New Change enquiries are in hand to trace the registered keeper of the vehicle involved..

Past Events

No incidents of note have been reported in the last week.

Forthcoming Events

Again no incidents of note.

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