Metropolitan Police Update

The below information was distributed by the Metropolitan Police;

In 2016 the Metropolitan Police Service Business Crime Hub will continue to improve partnership engagement, reduce crime and build confidence across the business community.

Our focus remains the safety and security of our business community and we urge businesses to remain alert, and to focus all their staff to be aware of the content of the following counter terrorism advice: Business Crime

While business crime has consistently accounted for approximately 15% of all crime recorded by Police, the volume of offences has fallen. You can review these figures in more detail by going to the Business Crime Dashboard:

Reducing violent offences remains our priority and this bulletin will provide practical guidance to help us tackle crime together, whatever your business type. There is comprehensive prevention advice on the Metropolitan Police website.

Key Points
◊ Ask your staff to help you identify risks to your business ◊ Have a clear policy for alerting others of any suspicious activity
◊ Consider why your business may be targeted – e.g. do you have items to steal? Protect your assets!
◊ Use ‘Meet and Greet’ on main entrances to your premises, speak to visitors/customers
◊This provides a dual purpose: good customer care and a coded message to a criminal that the premises has a good level of vigilance and supervision. A criminal’s biggest commodity is ‘their anonymity’ so by doing this you will take it away from them
◊ Find out who your contact is for your local Safer Neighbourhood Team and ensure your staff know how to report incidents
◊ Always ensure that properly licensed security individuals work in your premises helping to protect your business, staff & customers
◊ The security operative must have their SIA licence with them; the licence should be worn where it can be seen, and be valid. Please don’t just rely on your contractor to verify that the individual working at your premises is correctly licensed
◊ You can check licences on the SIA website, finding out if an operative licence is valid, or has been revoked or suspended. You can also report any intelligence regarding security provision on the SIA website.,
◊ Use the advice contained on the MPS crime prevention website, to help you brief your staff, as they are the first line of defence:

Amberhill is the Metropolitan Police’s response to identity crime. Counterfeit identity data is harvested by the Amberhill team and then shared with government and industry partners. This is to prevent and
disrupt those criminals seeking to use counterfeit identity documents to obtain employment, products and services. The Amberhill data currently stands at over 103,000 false identity documents.
By sharing this data with just one fraud prevention agency the dataset enabled industry to prevent 1,360 cases of fraud to the value of over £2.6M in 2015.
In addition to countering fraud, the Amberhill data is used to safeguard the most vulnerable in society. In 2015, 266 suspects were disrupted from gaining employment with vulnerable adults and children nationwide through the effective sharing of data.
Should any member of the business community have doubts as to the validity of someone’s identity document, a free to use public resource of comparable documents is available online at the following website:

Police and Licencing
The MPS Central Licensing Team maintains an overview of all licensing activity across London. The team provides training, advice and assistance to the 32 local licensing teams on each borough and insight on corporate and legal changes affecting licensing. It promotes the key licensing objectives and a stepped approach to tackling problems through: Early intervention, Education, Evidence gathering, Enforcement, Evaluation.
This is being achieved by working in partnership with the Alcohol industry, Security Industry Authority (SIA), Late Night Food industry, Gaming industry and other key Stakeholders.
We seek to ensure that people have an enjoyable experience in London’s Night Time Economy and ask the public to THINK SAFE – Safety – Keep personal property safe and secure. Register, Record, Protect.
Alcohol – Intoxicated people are more likely to be victims of crime. Know your limits, drink responsibly
Friends – Arrive together, leave together. Make plans in advance and look after each other.
Enlightened – Know what you’re getting into; is the cab you are using registered? Are you safe?

Business Crime Partnerships
Are you engaged with your local Business Crime Reduction Partnership?
Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRP) are private membership schemes which operate in London and across the UK. Their aim is bring businesses together and work effectively with their policing teams and local authorities to reduce the cost and impact of crime against business and the communities they trade in. A recent Business Attitude Survey conducted by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, revealed members of a BCRP felt more informed about activity happening in their area to combat business crime, and were therefore more likely to report crime as a result.

By joining a BCRP where your business operates, you can benefit from access to a SafetyLink digital radio network which allows instant communication across businesses for real-time information sharing. You also receive access to an intelligence site to give and receive images on known offenders operating in your area. Members benefit from regular alerts and free crime prevention advice. Alerts vary from counter terrorism updates to local prisoner releases, all of which can have a huge impact on your business. Hannah Wadey, Operations Director of the Safer London Business Partnership says “Business Crime Reduction Partnerships play an important role in the fight against business crime which all too often goes unreported. The Safer London Partnership is now the leading BCRP in London, and we deliver separate schemes in four of the most diverse and vibrant boroughs in the capital. We reach 2,000 businesses and security teams with our instant updates, and last year we worked closely with the police to deliver 350 timely and relevant alerts to our businesses. Our database holds 4000 offenders which, with our partners, we use to deliver regular intelligence briefings. This has helped to reduce crime by 47% in one particular crime hotspot. I really would encourage businesses to think about joining their local partnership so they are up-to-date with information in their area, and have positive relationships with their neighbouring businesses, the police and other key partners.”

Membership to a BCRP is open to all organisations and sectors who wish to work together to create a safe and stable business environment.
Visit to learn more about BCRPs or contact Hannah Wadey at

Contact Us
The Business Crime Hub can be contacted on 020 7161 6664 or

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