CSSC update – Counter Terrorism Awareness Week – Cyber Threat

CSSC have released the following information and briefings relating to potential cyber threats.

Wednesday 25 November: Industry preparedness

Wednesday sees the focus of CT Awareness Week 2015 shift to businesses and industry, and what they can do to make themselves more resistant to the online threat.

Recent attacks, which you may have seen in the media, illustrate how there is still work to be done in the battle to protect businesses and industry from online attacks.

Developments in technology such as new mobile devices, cloud computing and new software applications mean that the threat from online crime is ever evolving. Businesses and industry must take steps to protect themselves and stay safe online.

MPS officers will be taking part in a web-chat today to help industry and businesses prepare for the threat from online extremism. The web-chat will take place from 10.00am at @Policechiefs or https://twitter.com/PoliceChiefs #CounterTerrorismUK

Danny Lawrence, a police expert on internet security said:
“Recent incidents in the media remind us of the online threat faced by industry and its impact on businesses and the community.
“Now is the time for businesses of all sizes to review the security measures they have in place to protect themselves from threats online. By taking a few simple steps and keeping up to date with the latest issues, businesses can make a real difference and reduce the chances of an online security breach.

“I would encourage all areas of business and industry to join our web-chat today so that we can discuss the latest concerns and issues that will help to improve this issue for everyone. By working together and helping each other, businesses can develop and make use of the most effective measures to increase their online security.”

What is the threat?

The introduction of technologies such as mobile devices, cloud computing and rapid availability of software applications means that there is no longer one term to define an online security threat.

The terms below refer to types of online threats, open the link to find examples of real life cases which will explain their meanings.

Spear Phishing
Known Vulnerability Exploitation
Application Layer Attack
Bruteforce Attack
Zero Day Exploitation
Watering Hole Attack
Phishing for Credentials
DDoS Attack
Phishing with Malware
Rogue Update Attack
Network Protocol Attack

A number of government backed schemes help organisations protect themselves against these attacks.

Cyber Essentials is backed by industry including the Federation of Small Businesses and a number of insurance organisations that offer incentives for businesses participating in the scheme.

Businesses with good cyber security practices can use their participation in the scheme to show they take online security seriously.

The UK Government has developed the ’10 Steps to Cyber Security’ to help businesses protect themselves online.

The Information Security Breaches Survey 2014, commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and carried out by PwC, found that 81% of large organisations suffered a security breach, down from 86% a year ago. 60% of small businesses reported a breach, down from 64% in 2013.

The Open University runs a free online course to help people understand online security and protect their digital life, whether at home or work.

Open University Online Security Course

In an emergency call 999
For non emergencies call 101
For the Anti Terrorist Hotline call 0800 789 321

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