Cushman & Wakefield – Charity Staircase Event – 7 TOWERS – climb the stairs of the seven of the tallest buildi ngs in London – FRIDAY 25TH SEPTEMBER 2015

The purpose of the event is to raise funds for XLP charity. The intention is for all participating members of C&W to raise sponsorship towards their attempt to climb the stairs of the seven of the tallest buildings in London and the overall aim is to £60,000 or to raise enough funds to buy the 3rd bus for XLP which will have a major impact on knife crime and employment potential for 900 youngsters per year in south London’s most deprived estates and your support is really going to make a difference.

The event is a challenge in which teams from Cushman and Wakefield will scale the stairs of the following seven of the tallest buildings in London;

§ City Tower
§ CityPoint
§ Broadgate Tower
§ Heron Tower
§ Tower 42
§ 20 Fenchurch Street
§ One Canada Square

Participant numbers are currently expected to be 50 x C&W employees from London Markets and the participants will be sub divided into smaller teams of up to 8 people. All members will be carefully briefed about the health and safety regulations for each building and will be reminded that the event is emphatically non-competitive and that it is not a race.

The purpose of the event is to complete the stair climb in all 7 buildings safely and successfully while incurring the minimum disruption to the host building management team and their customers at each location.

The event timings for CityPoint is between 13:00 – 13:45 hours on Friday 25 September 2015. Staircase 9 will be the staircase to be used with the event people accessing and egressing the property by an external fire door in the West Elevation and then immediately into the staircase. During the event we would ask that no occupiers use staircase 9. Notices will be displayed in the staircase the day of the event advising no access and removed once the event has been completed.

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