Griffin Call Notes

Lightening Reports.

February 17thAt Primrose street a male was reported to have entered offices in Exchange Square paying attention to the list of companies on the wall. He left after two minutes not speaking to staff. Enquiries are ongoing.

February 18thAt Threadneedle street a male was taking photos of the museum entrance of the bank of England. A number of photos were taken before he walked to the corner of Lothbury and Batholomew lane where he took photos of the security cameras, loading bay and intercom system. CCTV images have been obtained. Enquiries ongoing.

February 18th At Lombard street two white males aged in their 30’s attempted to gain access to premises with fake ID’s. Enquiries are ongoing.

Forth Coming Events

February 24th For information only. The UK Shale gas summit at Aldersgate street.

There is no indication that the event will be targeted by any groups. Please contact police if you see posters or stickers advertising the event.

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