Tube station update

On Monday 2 February, TFL will be carrying out improvement work at Tube stations; this is part of our plans to modernise the Tube. As a result, we are making changes, including closing ticket windows.

We are moving our staff into the ticket hall where they can assist you more effectively; stations will continue to be staffed between the first and last train times.

Ticket machines at stations have also been improved, making paying for travel easier; staff will be on hand to show you how much more these machines can do.

To pay for travel, you can now:
Use your contactless payment card
Use the improved ticket machines
Buy tickets or top up your Oyster card online or at a nearby Oyster Ticket Stops

The first ticket window closures will be at Queensway and South Wimbledon Tube stations on Monday 2 February, and Shepherd’s Bush Tube station on Monday 9 February. To find out more about our plans for modernising the Tube, including a timetable for the ticket window closures, please visit

For information on the Travel Support Card, providing assistance when travelling around London, please click here

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