30 January, 2015 07:45

30th January 2015

50th anniversary of the Funeral of Winston Churchill

As part of the 50th anniversary commemorations being carried out on this day under the banner of Churchill 2015, and by kind permission of her owner

Mr. Christopher Ryland, it has now been agreed that Havengore will retrace the same route as 50 years previously and at the same time of day, culminating in a short service and wreath laying in the waters of the River Thames directly opposite the Palace of Westminster. The intention of the organizers is for this to be a fitting yet highly visible event viewable live by those in London and televised for a wider national and international audience.

The on-board party will include members of the Churchill family and others who

were closely connected with the State Funeral.

The Company of Watermen and Lightermen will supply the boat crew in their

Ceremonial bright blue and red uniforms:

The Havengore will be escorted up river by the duty boats from the Port of London Authority, the River Police, the Fire Service and the RNLI:

Tower Bridge will be raised in honour of Churchill 2015 at approximately 12.45pm

as the small flotilla passes under the bridge:

At that point two Scottish pipers standing in the bows of Havengore will start to

play the pipes and continue to do so as she slowly makes her way up river:

HMS Belfast and HMS Wellington will be dressed overall, and will return salutes as Havengore passes:

A bio-degradable wreath of laurel leaves with a simple V for Victory symbol in the

centre picked out in gold is being specially made by the Royal British Legion

11:50 Procession Leaves the Chapel of St Peter ad Vicular within HM Tower of London.

(Procession made up from approx 5 serving military personnel, 60 persons and band from RoyalHospitalSchool, plus round 20 sea Cadets)

12:00 Procession Arrives at HMS President.

12:20 Choir takes up position aft on-board the Havengore

12:40 MV Havengore slips and proceeds to form up with the flotilla

Rule Britannia’ is played by The Royal Hospital School Band

as Havengore casts off from HMS President. Members of the Churchill family and others closely connected to the State Funeral will be on board.

12:45 Havengore will pass under TowerBridge, which will be raised in honour of Sir Winston Churchill

12:50 There will be a four gun salute from HMS Belfast as Havengore passes by.


13:03 Havengore will salute, and have the salute returned by HQS Wellington. Havengore will continue past Festival Pier (the end of the original funeral route) towards the Houses of Parliament. The event will culminate in a short service and wreath laying in the waters of the river opposite the Palace of Westminster


The service begins at 13:15 and concludes at 13:35

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