Griffin Notes

These notes are from the weekly COLP Project Griffin conference call.

Lightning Reports.

  • 10th of January: 4 White males noticed by security in Shoe lane observing the exterior of the premises. Upon investigating they were urban explorers, the incident has now been closed.
  • 14th of January: A Middle Eastern male carrying cam recorder was directly filming a premises in vicinity of Fenchurch Street, enquires ongoing.
  • 16th of January: An European male acting suspiciously has been reported by staff taking pictures of St Pauls Cathedral with an iPhone enquires ongoing.


16th January 2014: A group called Inminds were protesting against the premises in wood street. In past they have attracted small numbers of individuals and are normally peaceful.

BTP Reports

Monday the 12th of January: London underground between Liverpool to Aldgate, an Asian male in his late twenties tried to attack someone inside the train, enquires ongoing.

On the same date on Moorgate station an Asian male was seen taking pictures of the tube/train. His pictures will be circulated for further investigation.

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2 Responses to Griffin Notes

  1. John Donoghue says:

    I’m not being a pedant but it’s operation Lightning as in a thunderstorm not lightening as in making something weigh less.

    John Donoghue

    Regional Management Team
    Ultimate Security Services Limited

    4 Saxon House, Warley Street, Upminster, Essex, RM14 3PJ

    Mobile 07809 413 242


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