London Fire Brigade Strike

On Saturday the 17th January London Fire Brigade will be holding strike action that will last for 8 hours.

Below is a list of incidents that will be responded to during the action, as well as a list of incidents that will not be responded to.

Firefighters will attend:
Serious fires – like those in Londoners’ homes – confirmed by a 999 call.
Vehicle fires or boat fires.
Fire that involve gas cylinders or hazardous substances.
Fires at railway stations and rail and road tunnels or fires involving people in underground tunnels.
Aircraft or train crashes.
Road traffic collisions.
Collapsed structures.

Firefighters may not be able to attend:
Grass fires and other outdoor fires such as trees, hedges or undergrowth alight.
Rubbish fires (including in bins and skips) and fires on open ground.
Leakages and spillages of petrol and other flammable liquids (these will be referred to Local Authorities).
Large animal rescues (these will be referred to the RSPCA).
People shut in lifts (owners of buildings are responsible for ensuring arrangements are in place to release people from faulty lifts).
Automatic fire alarms – a fire engine will only be sent when the fire has been confirmed by a 999 call.

More information can be sourced from the London Fire Brigade website:

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