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15th December 2014


MPS Bulletin

Demonstration – 23rd December 2014


Through social media, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has identified that the protest group ‘Anonymous‘ have called for a march to take place on the 23/12/2014. It is understood that the protesters will gather at 1600hrs at the Bank of England and will then walk from Threadneedle Street to BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place – via Oxford Street. It is understood that the demonstration is concerned with a perceived lack of independence displayed by the BBC and also issues relating to the Jimmy Savile case.


As with all demonstrations, the MPS has taken early steps to engage with the protestors – so that we can facilitate lawful protest and ensure that disruption to the wider community is kept to a minimum. The ‘Anonymous’ group do not engage with police. They have refused to enter into conversations to advise on the numbers of people involved, the exact route that will be taken or the timings involved.


A comprehensive policing plan is being developed to ensure that we can respond flexibly to the demonstration as it develops on the day.


Attempts will continue to be made to engage with the protesters and any further information will be shared with you in due course.

In an emergency call 999
For non emergencies call 101
For the Anti Terrorist Hotline call 0800 789 321

Advice to Business:

The MPS accepts no duty of care in respect of any losses financial or otherwise incurred by (name of organisation) in respect of action (name of organisation) takes in response to information provided by MPS Police or MPS Police Staff to (name of organisation) and other business leads in the hub.

(Name of organisation) accepts that by participating in the CSSC initiative as a partner agency, it is responsible for a applying its professional judgment as to the advice it disseminates to other individuals in organisations in response to information provided by the MPS. (Name of organisation) accepts that the MPS is not liable for any losses resulting from actions taken by other individuals or organisations to whom (name of organisation) disseminates information.

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