Business & Community Bulletin Dec 15th 2014

Terrorism Threat Level

International Terrorism in the UK


an attack is highly likely

NI Republican Terrorism in GB


an attack is possible, but not likely.

Remember also… Safety and Liberty

Most people taking photographs are entirely innocent.

People may film or photograph from public places, even if what they are capturing is private property.

People may film or photograph from private property unless expressly prohibited or unless permission is

required and has not been sought or granted. In this instance, a security guard can

_ inform the individual of this and request that they cease photographing/filming.

_ request that the person leave the premises and use reasonable force if necessary to effect this.


_ asking unusual questions about security arrangements or specific events

_ filming (including from vehicles), drawing, taking notes or photographs, or just watching for

extended periods, focusing on security cameras, entrances and exits, access and egress routes

_ bringing unusual packages into premises

_ found in off-limits areas, particularly near plant or server rooms, or places of possible concealment


_ parked in suspicious circumstances


_ or bags left unattended

Are you suspicious of what you see?

Don’t ignore it. Don’t wait for permission. Don’t delay. Trust your instincts.


City of London Police Control 020 7601 2222

or 999



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Planning for the worst is need not be stressful.

We can help.

With over 20 years counter terrorism and extremism experience and training, and 72 years

combined service to the City of London, your CTSAs are available to advise you on terrorist

and extremist threat, protective security and how you can keep your staff, site, and the

wider City community safe and in business.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

For m ore information contact

Together, we’ve got it covered.

Project Servator

Going from strength to strength.

Project Servator is the City of London Police’s newest weapon in the fight against crime

and terrorism.

Using overt and covert policing tactics, Project Servator combines anti- reconnaissance

operations with active public engagement to reassure and inform our community, and to

encourage the vital reporting of suspicious behaviour.

Contact the email address below to find out more about the part business and the

community plays in Project Servator.

This checklist is designed to help your staff deal with a telephoned bomb

threat effectively and to record the necessary information.

Once the information has been received it should be forwarded

immediately to the police on 999.

Record the EXACT wording of the threat.

Ask the following questions

· Where is the bomb right now?

· When is it going to explode?

· What kind of bomb is it?

· What will cause it to explode?

· Did you place the bomb?

· Why?

· What is your name, address, telephone number?

About the caller:

· Age

· Sex

· Nationality

Think about:

· Language: Well spoken? Irrational? Offensive? Taped or read?

· Caller’s voice: Calm? Angry? Disguised? Accent?

· Background sounds: Street noise? PA systems? Office noise?


· Time of call

· Number call received on

Now Dial 999 without further delay

Telephone Bomb Threat


If you discover a suspicious item in a mail room, or anywhere

else in the building

Do not use your mobile phone or radio within 15 metres of the item.

Dial 999 and ask for police. Do not delay or wait for permission.

If you’re holding the item, put it down on a cleared, flat surface, separate from other

items. Otherwise, do not touch it.

Move away.

Clear people from adjacent rooms, including above and below.

Prevent others entering the cleared area.

Tell others what is happening

Ask witnesses to wait for police. Encourage them to write down what they have

seen, but discourage them from discussing it with each other before police arrive.

Tell police if the item has been opened, or partially opened.

If you think this is a chemical or biological incident

Tell anyone who has been near the item not to touch their eyes, nose or anywhere

else on their body, or brush their clothing

Reassure them that they are unlikely to feel any ill effects, and that medical aid is on

its way.

They can wash their hands in a solution of one teaspoon of domestic bleach to one

litre of water, and then rinse with ordinary soap and water.

Take them to a comfortable room as close to the isolated room as possible, and

have them stay there until emergency services arrive.

Make a list of who might have been exposed to the material.

Shut down the air conditioning or ventilation into or out of the affected rooms. If you

can isolate these rooms, it may not be necessary to evacuate the rest of the building.

Emergency services have specialist training and decontamination

facilities. The sooner you call them, the sooner they can help you.

Suspicious Item





A man who sparked a hijack alert on a Virgin Australia flight to Indonesia has been

cleared of charges by a Brisbane court. Matt Lockley, 28, was found not guilty of

interfering with a crew member during his flight from Brisbane to Bali in April. He

had reportedly banged on the pilot’s cockpit door, demanding entry. He was

handcuffed and arrested on landing. The judge found that he was suffering from a

medical condition at the time. The incident, on 25 April, caused a hijack scare after

the pilot sent a distress signal to Indonesia’s airport authorities. Indonesian troops

boarded the flight after it landed at Bali airport and arrested Mr Lockley.


Far-right arsonists are believed to have caused fires which damaged three buildings

earmarked for asylum seekers in Vorra, near Nuremberg in southern Germany. The

renovated buildings were empty when the fires took hold on Thursday night. There

were no injuries. Swastikas were daubed on one building with the slogan "no asylum

seeker in Vorra". Germany hosts more asylum seekers than any other country.

Local authorities have been struggling to accommodate rising numbers of them,

many of whom have fled the wars in Syria and Iraq.


Police in India are investigating claims that a Bangalore business executive is behind

an influential pro-Islamic State (IS) Twitter account. On Thursday, Britain’s Channel

4 News reported that the @ShamiWitness account was run by a senior member of

staff at an Indian conglomerate. The TV station named him only as Mehdi, saying

his life might be in danger if his full identity were revealed. The account provided

news on IS and celebrated its rise in Syria and Iraq. It had nearly 18,000 followers

and was one of the main sources of information on the group in English. The

account was closed on Thursday shortly after the Indian businessman was contacted

by journalists, Channel 4 News reported.


At least 30 were killed in twin bomb attacks in the commercial district in the city of

Jos. Thursday’s attacks on a crowded market have been blamed on Boko Haram.

The Islamist group has previously targeted churches and mosques in Jos, which has

a mixed population of Muslims and Christians. The first explosion took place at an

outdoor food stand. The second blast hit the marketplace. A similar attack in the

same area of Jos in May killed more than 100 people. Boko Haram militants are

suspected of being behind the attacks.

United Kingdom

Terrorism and Domestic Extremism

A British mother-of-six has been jailed for five years and three months for promoting

terrorism on Facebook. Runa Khan, 35, from Luton, had previously admitted inciting

terrorism in Syria. During sentencing, Kingston Crown Court heard that Khan posted

instructions to other mothers on how to raise a child dedicated to jihad. During a

search of her home, police found photos of Khan’s children holding guns and


An extremist drug-addict who attacked Respect MP George Galloway in Notting Hill

in August has been jailed for 16 months, according to reports. Neil Masterson told

police that he felt ‘morally justified’ in attacking Mr Galloway because he was a

"Nazi," Isleworth Crown Court heard. Mr Galloway was left with cuts and bruises

after the assault.

Northern Ireland and related

This section has no content.

Local and Forthcoming Events

London Campaign against Police and State Violence, City of London, Tuesday

9 December

Eight people from this group attended City of London Magistrates’ Court and held a

small demonstration outside in support of a woman who was arrested at the start of

the year while demonstrating in Downing Street. The group also attended the public

gallery to sit and listen to proceedings. The demonstration was peaceful and there

were no incidents.

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