NaCTSO Bulletin re CTAW

NaCTSO Bulletin re CTAW

Please see DCS Wilson’s briefing attached.


Industry Sector Leaders

A reminder that you can still access posters and briefings for this week at:

These will be removed from the website on Monday 1st December and the NaCTSO website will undergo changes as it migrates.

If you wish to keep them as part of your staff induction processes, it is recommended that you save them to your own systems.  The ‘back of house posters’ at the top, are those that were recommended at the CSSC breakfast briefing in September.


Also a reminder please for all ISL’s to complete the survey, ideally with comments by close of business on Thursday 4th December so that NaCTSO can potentially circulate headlines soon after.

This will also allow them to identify where CTAW was most relevant with business and geographical areas.

CSSC Briefing 26.11.14

We are now 4 days into Counter Terrorism Awareness Week

I wanted to speak to you to

I would firstly like to thank the CSSC and all of you, the industry sector leads, for your support and enthusiasm in making this awareness week such a success to date.

I would also like to thank Andrew the face of CSSC for the media on Monday, Karen who prepared the CSSC press lines that supported his brief, Don for reviewing the Griffin product, BSIA for hosting and analysing the survey and for Graham and the hubs in London, Scotland and Eastern for all the extra work this week will have brought upon you.

I and my police colleagues have been highly impressed by the commitment and dedication which has been shown in order to support this initiative and I urge you all, members and stakeholders, to continue with this drive both for the remainder of this operation and in the future; this severe threat is going to be with us for some time and the threat we face right now is greater than it has ever been.

This operation has clearly shown that when law enforcement, business and government work together we can deliver a united message to the UK public and encourage them to remain vigilant by raising their awareness of the threat faced.

The media have really got behind this campaign and there has been a great deal of positive reporting throughout the whole of the United Kingdom with events taking place from Cornwall to the Highlands of Scotland.

Some negative reporting has stated that we are simply scaremongering and that this week has been politically driven. This could not be further from the truth. The threat is real and is in our communities and by making the general public more aware can only be advantageous in keeping us all safe. As has been highlighted this week both by the Home Secretary and MPS Commissioner, since 2010, 753 people have been arrested for terrorism related offences, 212 have been charged and 148 have been successfully prosecuted with 138 of these offenders behind bars. In the same period the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) has removed 65,000 items from the internet that encourage and glorify acts of terrorism. This is the scale of the threat we face and the scale of the work required daily to keep the public safe.

We have an ideal opportunity to use the success of this week as a blueprint for the future and ensure continued and improved cooperation between police and the business sector. That will depend on your feedback and so I urge you all as the industry sector lead, to complete the survey with your comments, at the end of this campaign so that we can learn and improve for the future. Thank You. Questions?

Scott Wilson

Detective Chief Superintendent

Police Gold for CTAW

National Coordinator Protect and Prepare

National CT Policing Headquarters

In an emergency call 999
For non emergencies call 101
For the Anti Terrorist Hotline call 0800 789 321

Advice to Business:

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