NaCTSO Bulletin 21st November 2014

NaCTSO Bulletin 21st November 2014

National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week 2014

In August 2014 the international terrorism threat level was raised to severe, and law enforcement and other government agencies are urging communities, including the business community, to be vigilant and report anything they perceive as suspicious behaviour.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) and its partners have developed National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week which takes place 24th to 30th November 2014 across the UK and businesses are being asked to review their resilience and emergency preparedness planning, and take advantage of the information, guidance and tools available.

Please find attached the briefing given by Det. Chief Superintendent Scott Wilson to CSSC Industry Sector Leaders in the Bridge call on 19/11/14.

Further information and advice can be found on the NaCTSO website link below:

Each day of CTAW has a particular theme. The leaflets and posters available for downloading and printing for display relate to the various themes.

Please find attached a guidance note to ISLs for the use of the various posters and leaflets made available through the website.

A range of guidance documents for businesses can also be found within the Business Toolkit section of the CSSC website covering topics from cybercrime and vehicle borne improvised explosive devices to building a “business battle box” and much more.

For the NaCTSO twitter account go to: #CTAW2014

In an emergency call 999
For non emergencies call 101
For the Anti Terrorist Hotline call 0800 789 321

CSSC Briefing 19.11.14

I wanted to speak to you for a couple of reasons

  • Provide you with an update of the current threat picture
  • Update you on the progress of the Counter Terrorism Awareness Week (CTAW2014) which launches on Monday of next week.

We no longer live in a world where the fight against terrorism can be the sole responsibility of law enforcement and government. You understand that message and thank you for dialing in today and getting involved.

The focus of the international community is, quite rightly, on ISIL or IS as they are commonly known. ISIL – is a militant terrorist group which is mostly active in Iraq and Syria. ISIL was formed in April 2013, growing out of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

It is one of the world’s most active terrorist groups – exact details of its composition are hard to come by, but it is widely accepted that it is composed mainly of foreign fighters estimated to be between 30 and 50,000.

ISIL has, alas, achieved considerable and rapid military success. It has made significant territorial gains including the capture of Mosul. Within the areas it controls, ISIL commits offences we would recognise from the worst kind of organised criminal gang – murder, robbery, extortion, kidnapping and rape.

The acceptance of an established, ungoverned terrorist territory in the Middle East, perhaps stretching to the borders of a NATO ally, is not something that can be accepted.

The world, quite rightly, is focused on how to respond.

Everyone is aware of the terrible atrocities which have been carried out by this group over the last few months and the threats they have made to bring this violence to the streets of the UK.

To date over 500 UK citizens have travelled to this war zone. It is estimated around 250 have already returned

Due to she that the UK is in the best possible position to keep our communities safe from extremists.

On the 24th November police will launch a national Counter Terrorism Awareness Week, with the message that everybody has a role to play in keeping the UK safe from terrorists.

Some examples of events taking place include

  • 80 Griffin events nationally with possibly 6,000 security guards and staff attending, with the national launch at RUSI in London
  • Cinema events where staff will be briefed how to stay safe and recognize and report hostile reconnaissance
  • Activity at various ports including an event in the North East to promote Project Kraken
  • Launching the Fertilizer Security five point plan in the East Midlands
  • And of course launching the Eastern region CSSC on the Monday.

The national launch will be opened by Assistant Commissioner Specialist Crime, Mark Rowley. He will be the overall police spokesperson for the event; including the first day Crowded Places. Other figureheads include CC Crowther from BTP for the Transport Day, CC Sir Peter Fahy for the Prevent day and DCC Thompson for the Terrorist Tools day. Andrew Nichols will be the CSSC spokesperson at the launch

CTAW aims to encourage people to stand up in the fight against terrorism, to be more aware, more responsive and more resilient to what is a very real threat to our communities.

This week is not driven by specific intelligence of an attack but instead focuses on five key areas that are intrinsically linked with terrorist activity including crowded places and transport hubs as densely populated targets for an attack, preventing violent extremism, terrorist fundraising, and the tools that terrorists need to function.

We want your staff to be vigilant in their places of work and for communities to feel confident to report any concerns to the police. Nobody is better placed to detect something out of place in their communities than the very people living and working in them.

Quite simply, if you suspect it, report it. The Anti-Terrorism Hotline 0800 789 321 exists for exactly this reason.

Remember that any information, however small and insignificant it may appear, could be the missing piece of the puzzle that allows us to detect and stop a terrorist plot in its tracks.

Businesses, particularly those in crowded places and at transport hubs, have an invaluable role to play in our fight against violent extremists. We can increase vigilance by ensuring that staff have the correct training and know what to look out for.

er numbers this is a different threat than we have ever faced in the past however I can ensure you that the police and security service are doing all they can to monitor these individuals.

As you will have read in the press a number of operations have taken place and people have been arrested. The group arrested prior to Remembrance Sunday remain in custody.

To date 123 people have been arrested for Terrorism offences in relation to the issues arising from IS in Syria and Iraq.

The recent increase in the threat level to SEVERE clearly demonstrates the need for us all, from law enforcement to businesses to the general public, to work together to ensure,

If we all do our part, and we all work together, we give ourselves the best chance of keeping the UK safe.

This is the first time that police have run a national counter terrorism awareness week and we are delighted that CSSC is working with us. Police and businesses will operate as usual during the week, and where there is no specific event in your area I know many of you will be supporting and sharing the experience with us by watching or re-tweeting media articles that show what we are doing across the UK.

Each region has a dedicated police contact for the awareness week whose details can be obtained by contacting your CSSC industry sector lead. Many of you will have booked to attend Project Griffin or the cinema events through your local police website.

We will have posters and briefings available on the NACTSO website which can be split by themed days. Select what you require.

We have also developed a questionnaire as your feedback is essential this will be emailed to CSSC.

I hope you enjoy the event and it is useful to yourselves, your staff and your business.

Scott Wilson

Detective Chief Superintendent

Police Gold for CTAW

National Coordinator Protect and Prepare

National CT Policing Headquarters

Counter Terrorism Awareness Week 24th-30th November

Everyday briefings

CTAW Pre- brief


CTAW Poster Back of House


Terrorist Threats Briefing


Back of house security posters from CPNI for business

Camera_A3_Long_Copy.pdf Camera_A4_Short_Copy.pdf






To access the pdfs for Security Minded Communications on-line in order that the pdf can be updated login in to the sites below and follow the instructions

Username: corporatecomms

Password: CorporateComms951!

To access the pdfs for Deterrence Communication Toolkit on-line in order that the pdf can be updated login in to the sites below and follow the instructions

Web address:

Username: deterrencecomms

Password: Deterrence357!

Monday/Saturday/Sunday Crowded Places

Crowded Places Briefing


Licensed premises security


Guidance relating to Firearms Attack at shopping Centers


Firearms and Weapons Attack information poster


Security staff briefing – Hostile Reconnaissance


Tuesday Transport day

Transport Briefing


Unattended Items on Transport Network


Suspicious activity small airports


Suspicious activity coastal and maritime sites


Wednesday Prevent

Channel Prevent Fact Sheet


Thursday Terrorist Financing

Money Service Bureaus


Charity Collections Briefing


Support giving to Syria Safely


Friday Terrorist Tools

5 steps to fertilizer security – short


5 steps to fertilizer security – long


Weapons and Firearms Attack


Guidance relating to Firearms Attack at shopping Centers


Firearms and Weapons Attack information poster


Retail advice – sell chemicals responsibly



Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device Indicators


Gun Clubs and Firearms Dealers – posters


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