27 October, 2014 09:38


Terrorism Threat Level

International Terrorism in the UK


an attack is highly likely

NI Republican Terrorism in GB


an attack is possible, but not likely.

Remember also… Safety and Liberty

Most people taking photographs are entirely innocent.

People may film or photograph from public places, even if what they are capturing is private property.

People may film or photograph from private property unless expressly prohibited or unless permission is

required and has not been sought or granted. In this instance, a security guard can

_ inform the individual of this and request that they cease photographing/filming.

_ request that the person leave the premises and use reasonable force if necessary to effect this.


_ asking unusual questions about security arrangements or specific events

_ filming (including from vehicles), drawing, taking notes or photographs, or just watching for

extended periods, focusing on security cameras, entrances and exits, access and egress routes

_ bringing unusual packages into premises

_ found in off-limits areas, particularly near plant or server rooms, or places of possible concealment


_ parked in suspicious circumstances


_ or bags left unattended

Are you suspicious of what you see?

Don’t ignore it. Don’t wait for permission. Don’t delay. Trust your instincts.


City of London Police Control 020 7601 2222

or 999



Project ARGUS

For more information contact


Together, we’ve got it covered.

Project Servator

Phase Two commenced Monday 20 October

Project Servator is the City of London Police’s newest weapon in the fight against crime

and terrorism.

Last Monday saw the roll-out of Project Servator’s next phase; police and private security

teams deploying together to detect and deter crime and terrorism.

Just another example of real partnership between City of London Police and the City

community, keeping people and businesses safe.

is run by CTSAs in the City of London and throughout the UK. At this three-hour table-top

exercise, participants work through a terrorist incident, developing an understanding of current

threats, emergency services advice, their own best responses, and ways of maintaining business

continuity in times of crisis.

Places are now available on Project ARGUS events to be run in 2015

20th January, 3rd March, 11th June and 10th September

9:30am – 1pm Wood Street Police Headquarters

Project ARGUS is Free. Places are limited. To book or find out more, email us at


If a suspicious incident becomes a terrorist attack…

*** How will you prepare? *** How will the police respond?

*** What will your responsibilities be?…

*** What will you do?

This checklist is designed to help your staff deal with a telephoned bomb

threat effectively and to record the necessary information.

Once the information has been received it should be forwarded

immediately to the police on 999.

Record the EXACT wording of the threat.

Ask the following questions

· Where is the bomb right now?

· When is it going to explode?

· What kind of bomb is it?

· What will cause it to explode?

· Did you place the bomb?

· Why?

· What is your name, address, telephone number?

About the caller:

· Age

· Sex

· Nationality

Think about:

· Language: Well spoken? Irrational? Offensive? Taped or read?

· Caller’s voice: Calm? Angry? Disguised? Accent?

· Background sounds: Street noise? PA systems? Office noise?


· Time of call

· Number call received on

Now Dial 999 without further delay

Telephone Bomb Threat


If you discover a suspicious item in a mail room, or anywhere

else in the building

Do not use your mobile phone or radio within 15 metres of the item.

Dial 999 and ask for police. Do not delay or wait for permission.

If you’re holding the item, put it down on a cleared, flat surface, separate from other

items. Otherwise, do not touch it.

Move away.

Clear people from adjacent rooms, including above and below.

Prevent others entering the cleared area.

Tell others what is happening

Ask witnesses to wait for police. Encourage them to write down what they have

seen, but discourage them from discussing it with each other before police arrive.

Tell police if the item has been opened, or partially opened.

If you think this is a chemical or biological incident

Tell anyone who has been near the item not to touch their eyes, nose or anywhere

else on their body, or brush their clothing

Reassure them that they are unlikely to feel any ill effects, and that medical aid is on

its way.

They can wash their hands in a solution of one teaspoon of domestic bleach to one

litre of water, and then rinse with ordinary soap and water.

Take them to a comfortable room as close to the isolated room as possible, and

have them stay there until emergency services arrive.

Make a list of who might have been exposed to the material.

Shut down the air conditioning or ventilation into or out of the affected rooms. If you

can isolate these rooms, it may not be necessary to evacuate the rest of the building.

Emergency services have specialist training and decontamination

facilities. The sooner you call them, the sooner they can help you.

Suspicious Item





An attack on two New York City police officers by a man with an Axe is being investigated to

ascertain of he was linked to Islamist extremism. The attacker was shot dead at the scene.


Police in Canada shot dead Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in the Canadian parliament building,

Ottawa after he shot and killed a soldier on duty beside the nearby national war memorial.

Although clear he had been radicalised, there is no evidence so far to suggest he was linked

to Islamic State.

The attack follows an incident on Monday when a known extremist ran his car into two

soldiers in Quebec in the vicinity of a military office. One soldier died and the suspect,

Martin Couture was then shot dead when he threatened police with a knife following a

pursuit. He is reported to have called police as he fled the scene making reference to

‘defence of Muslim lands’.


Five Suspected Terrorists Plotting Attack Killed on Ethiopian Border. The men were killed

crossing from Ethiopia into Kenya driving a vehicle reported to contain suicide vests and

explosives. The dead men have been linked to Al-Shabaab.

Saudi Arabia

A Saudi court has sentenced 13 suspected members of an al-Qaeda cell to up to 30 years in

prison for plotting to attack US soldiers in Qatar and Kuwait. The state news agency SPA said

the court ruled that the 13 men had exploited Saudi territory "to form a terrorist cell

seeking to carry out a terrorist operation in the state of Qatar against American forces,

supplying the cell with arms and money for that operation, recruiting people for that cell".

Four women have been sentenced between six and ten years in prison for supporting al-

Qaeda and preparing their sons to wage jihad. State media said the women were also found

guilty of accessing blocked internet sites and downloading "audio-video material" related to

fighting, Saudi Arabia has introduced strong penalties to try and prevent people joining

jihadist groups. Citizens who travel abroad to fight can face sentences of up to 20 years.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that former Iraqi air force pilots have

defected to ISIL and are training jihadists to fly 3 seized aircraft.


Officials have stated six people have been killed when Tunisian security forces stormed a

house in a Tunis suburb to end a stand-off with armed militants. One gunman and five

women were killed in the raid on the house in the Oued Ellil area. An interior ministry

spokesman described all six as "terrorists". A second gunman and a child were also said to

be injured. The authorities are on high alert, with parliamentary elections due on Sunday.


Turkish security forces have seized suicide vests, bombs and guns in a recent raid, after the

country’s National Intelligence Organization warned of possible terrorist attacks by Islamic

State militants. AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles, bullets, hand grenades, several kilograms of TNT

and several suicide vests were seized during a raid last weekend in the south eastern

province of Gaziantep. Two men were detained. The raids were the result of an intelligence

report that warned that IS militants had sent suicide bombers to Turkey.

United Kingdom

Terrorism and Domestic Extremism

Security of institutions in central London

Security chiefs are holding emergency talks over the terror threat to Parliament and other

major landmarks following the gun attack in Canada. These come after the attack on the

Canadian capital of Ottawa. Mr Cameron urged the British public to maintain ‘permanent

vigilance’ in the face of the global terror threat.

Syrian related arrests

Counter-terrorism officers have made two arrests that they say may be linked to the war

zone. A woman aged 25 was arrested in Bedfordshire with police investigating whether she

had travelled to Syria, and if so, whether that trip was linked to violent jihad. Hours later,

officers made a second arrest in London, detaining a 32-year-old man “on suspicion of

attending a place used for terrorist training”, which they believe was in Syria. This comes

after reports that a third jihadi from Portsmouth has been killed in the conflict.

British Terror suspect extradited to the US

A British terror suspect, who is wanted in the US for allegedly conspiring with the Islamist

extremist Abu Hamza, has been extradited from the UK this week. Haroon Rashid Aswat,

from Dewsbury, west Yorkshire, was arrested in August 2005 and is accused by the

Americans of having worked with Hamza in 1999 to set up a jihadist training camp in

Oregon. He has pleaded not guilty in a New York courtroom. He was arraigned on four

charges, including providing material support to terrorists and conspiring to provide

material support to al-Qaeda. The counts carry terms of as long as 10 years in prison.

Anjem Choudary denies influence in Ottawa attack

The Islamist preacher has rejected suggestions that he had influenced the man believed to

have shot dead a soldier in Ottawa, Canada, but warned there could be similar attacks in

Britain from angry radicalised Muslims. Choudary said Western foreign policy was always

cited by those who carried out attacks such as the deadly London suicide bombings in July

2005, and said there was always a backlash whenever states joined US-led air strikes carried

out in Muslim countries. He said, "I think that people need to wake up to the reality that

their own countries are being dragged into a war far away – the Syrian and Iraqi people are

not occupying Britain or Canada – so they are seen as the aggressors." He warned that

Britain was likely to see similar incidents to those witnessed in Canada.

Recent ISIS video threat

Australian teenager Abdullah Elmir has appeared in a new ISIS video, warning that the terror

group will continue its war on the west until it flies a "black flag on top of Buckingham

Palace". Elmir, who refers to himself as Abu Khaled during the video, is surrounded by

several Islamist militants. During the video, entitled ‘Message Of The Mujahid 4’, Elmir

launches a scathing attack on the US-led coalition which is conducting airstrikes on the

group’s "caliphate" in northern Syria and Iraq.

Use of social media by ISIS

Jihadi fighters have been told to remove metadata from their tweets and stop posting

names, locations and identifiable photographs to stay one step ahead of Western spies.

Radical group, ISIS, has had a prolific social media output, but leaders are concerned that

fighters have been inadvertently leaking data through their online activities. Pictures of

jihadis brandishing severed heads and taunting their enemies have provided a wealth of

valuable information to Western intelligence agencies.

Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Cleared Of UK Terrorism Link’

According to a report from the BBC, a review of the Muslim Brotherhood’s UK activity has

cleared it of links to terrorism, its lawyers have said. Prime Minister David Cameron

commissioned the review into the group’s UK links in April. The review was led by Sir John

Jenkins, the UK’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia – a country which has declared the

Brotherhood a terrorist organisation.

Northern Ireland and related

Threats against doctors and nurses

Dissident republican prisoners have issued threats against doctors and nurses working at

Northern Ireland’s maximum security Maghaberry Prison. Republican prisoners hit out at what

they said was a "cosy relationship" between the Health and Social Care Trust staff and prison

officers, warning health workers they "would do well to take note" of dissident gripes over their

treatment at the Co Antrim prison.

Claims that IRA sex offenders exiled to Republic of Ireland

This week saw Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny challenge Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams on

the issue. Mr Kenny was speaking after meeting Belfast woman Maíria Cahill, who claims

she was raped by a suspected IRA member and that republicans covered it up. Conor

Murphy, a Sinn Féin MP has said he has never heard of cases of alleged IRA sex abusers from

Northern Ireland being sent to the Republic of Ireland."If people do have information,

including the taoiseach [Irish prime minister] in relation to that, then, rather than speaking

about it in public forums, they should be bringing that information to the appropriate


Local and Forthcoming Events

Abandoned vehicles in the City of London

This week has seen two abandoned vehicles within the City of London. Both saw cordons

put in place with one vehicle being subjected to a controlled explosion by specialist officers.

Thanks to the community for their reporting of these vehicles and to the local businesses for

being efficient with their internal procedures.

Saturday 25th October: Christian Climate Action group demo

The above group will be holding a demonstration on the steps of St Pauls on Saturday

between 13.00 – 14.00hrs. The group will stage a party with cake and party games, in order

to highlight issues around climate change.

25th – 31 October: CAAT Week of Action

CAAT (Campaign against arms trade) will be holding an anti-military week of action between

25th and 31st October. Actions in the UK are limited to a number of vigils and workshops. No

major issues are expected, however CAAT have previously demonstrated at premises in the

City who have links to the arms trade.

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