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24th July 2014


MPS Bulletin

Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK, March and Rally

Saturday 26th July 2014.


There is a planned national demonstration to protest about the actions of Israel in Gaza which will take place on Saturday 26th July 2014, 12:00 – 16:00hrs. The event has been organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK.


From 12:00 hrs the group will form-up outside the Israeli Embassy (Kensington).

At approximately 13:00hrs those assembled will set off on a march to protest at Parliament Square via the following route: KENSINGTON ROAD, KENSINGTON GORE, KENSINGTON ROAD, KNIGHTSBRIDGE, HYDE PARK CORNER, PICCADILLY, St. JAMES’S STREET, PALL MALL, COCKSPUR STREET, TRAFALGAR SQUARE and WHITEHALL arriving in  PARLIAMENT SQ at approximately 14:30hrs where a rally will be held concluding at 16:00hrs. The organiser anticipates that approximately 14,000 people will take part. 

Please see route map attached for further detail.


Other Parallel Events


There are a number of events occurring that day and there will be an increased police presence across central London.

An appropriate and proportionate policing plan is in place to deal with these demonstrations.

There is no current intelligence to suggest there will be any pre-planned disorder at these events.

Police Liaison Officers will be on duty throughout the day linking in and engaging with the demonstrators.


Please see the attached link for details should you encounter a protest in or near to your building.


For updates during Saturday follow the MPS public order twitter account @MetPoliceEvents

In an emergency call 999
For non emergencies call 101
For the Anti Terrorist Hotline call 0800 789 321

Advice to Business:

The MPS accepts no duty of care in respect of any losses financial or otherwise incurred by (name of organisation) in respect of action (name of organisation) takes in response to information provided by MPS Police or MPS Police Staff to (name of organisation) and other business leads in the hub.

(Name of organisation) accepts that by participating in the CSSC initiative as a partner agency, it is responsible for a applying its professional judgment as to the advice it disseminates to other individuals in organisations in response to information provided by the MPS. (Name of organisation) accepts that the MPS is not liable for any losses resulting from actions taken by other individuals or organisations to whom (name of organisation) disseminates information.

(Message Id: 7TMH9T)


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